Yang Style Tai Chi Series – Simplified 24 Tai Chi Chuan


傳統楊式太極拳系 中本無簡化廿四式太極拳,其拳原於1956年,國家體委為普及太極拳運動,以楊式太極拳為藍本,編訂了廿四式;由於十分適合初學者,本會亦以此為傳統太極拳敎材。

(應用和技術要求,會在 教學篇的 教學篇的 拳意闡釋 之 楊式太極拳-簡化廿四式 中介紹)

Yang Style Tai Chi Series – Simplified 24 Tai Chi Chuan

In order to popularise Tai Chi Chuan, the Sports Committee of China developed 24 form to simplify the whole set of Yang-style Tai Chi routine in 1956. Owing to its simplicity, we use it as elementary teaching purpose.

There are inconsistence among the others’ 24 form on techniques in posture of form (形Xing), method(法Fa) and practice(功Gong). They are different to traditional Yang-style Tai Chi, in particular, the Grasp Sparrow’s Tail. The demonstration in this video is based on traditional origin as standard and at the same time maintaining the inner cultural value. Therefore, Tai Chi not only benefits greatly to our physical well-being, but also better understanding of the purpose of every movements and the precious core values of the theory of Martial Arts.

The requirements of the application and technique will be introduced in the lesson of “Meaning of routine(拳Chuan)- Simplified Tai Chi 24 form ”.



楊式簡化廿四式太極拳-野馬分鬃 連貫應用示範 Yang Style Simplified 24 Tai Chi Quan – Application of Wild Horse parts Mane


This application is explained the Wild Horse Parts Mane from Yang Style simplified 24 Taichi Quan. Although the name is the same as the posture in the traditional Yang Style routine, movement of postures are not totally the same. Therefore each of them have something different in the ideas of application.